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Nissin Granola Nuts
Caramel Flavour 35g

Net Weight 35g
Bar Code 489 7053 641054


Wheat Flour (31.0%), Cashew Nuts (14.3%), White Sugar, Palm Oil, Corn Grits, Water, Maltodextrin, Black Wheat Flour, Caramel Sauce (1.9%) (Condensed Milk, Reducing Syrup, Sugar), Polydextrose, Almond (1.2%) (Tree Nuts), Pumpkin Seeds (1.2%), Shortening, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Flavour and Flavouring, Colour (150a), Soya Bean Powder, Lactose, Brown Rice Powder (0.2%), Wheat Bran, Rice Flour, Rye Flour (0.1%), Corn Syrup, Antioxidant (307b), Vitamin C, Emulsifier (471), Sweetener (951), Ferric Pyrophosphate, Milk Protein, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12. 


soya beans, milk, tree nuts, cereals containing gluten and their products.

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information 營養資料
Servings Per Package/每包裝所含食用分量數目:   1
Serving Size/食用分量:         35 g/
              Per Serving/每食用分量
Energy/能量           164 kcal/千卡
Protein/蛋白質         3.2 g/
Total fat/總脂肪         7.0 g/
    - Saturated fat/飽和脂肪       1.7 g/
    - Trans fat/反式脂肪       0 g/
Total carbohydrates/總碳水化合物       22.9 g/
    - Dietary fibre/膳食纖維       0.8 g/
    - Sugars/         5.1 g/
Sodium/             146 mg/毫克
Calcium/鈣           72 mg/毫克
Iron/鐵             2.0 mg/毫克
Vitamin C/維他命C           18.9 mg/毫克
Vitamin D/維他命D           0.9 μg/微克
Vitamin B1/維他命B1           0.40 mg/毫克
Vitamin B6/維他命B6           0.69 mg/毫克
Vitamin B12/維他命B12           0.24 μg/微克
Folic Acid/葉酸           64 μg DFE/膳食葉酸當量微克
Pantothenic Acid/泛酸           1.36 mg/毫克